Written on
Aug 19, 2014

Londie Quickie

Tracy Lonsdale

Just back from a fantastic trip to London for the weekend – flew on the “Hobbit” Dragon Air New Zealand plane the service couldn’t be more friendly and the food and drinks were delightful.The new plane is so comfy in all classes of service.

The Café Royal hotel which opened just 2 years ago in what was the Legendary Café Royal Club is the most serene hotel in London especially considering its location on Regent Street in the heart of Piccadilly.There is a Whole Foods conveniently located right behind the hotel, so I was able to get my macha green tea almond milk late without a problem.

The Spa is the best hotel spa in London HANDS DOWN! The rooms and suites are simply but elegantly designed.  The marble slab tubs are a marvel of engineering.  I hear  the total weight of the hotel is the heaviest hotel in London – a must stay!

I enjoyed all the dining spaces in the hotel too, but the tea room stands out and the finest tea I have ever had in London!

Had a peak at the Ham Yard – WOW!

I also found time to eat at Nopi for a breakfast, lunch and dinner –NOT TO BE MISSED!

I aslo had lunch at the Chiltern Fire House and had a look at some suites – very cool.

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