GDPR Compliance

ALTOUR is fully compliant with the regulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Europe’s new framework for data protection which replaces the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD). By achieving GDPR compliance, ALTOUR ensures that its collection of contact and account data across the EU will satisfy personal data privacy guidelines. Similarly, ALTOUR desires that customers and partners who use, control or process the personal data of persons within the EU and other European countries are informed about and ready for the GDPR.

The objective of the GDPR is to safeguard the personal information of EU individuals by applying standards for the collection, storage, sharing, transferring, processing, management, and use of various types of personal data. Among the requirements to comply with the GDPR, companies that market their products to EU citizens and residents need to be transparent about their use of personal data, have their affirmative consent to receiving email communications before sending an email to them, and provide them with the option to opt out of receiving future marketing communications. We have implemented the necessary policies and procedures as required by GDPR and will continue to make improvements to our GDPR program as necessary.

Our main website has also been validated as meeting the GDPR compliance standards with a compliant privacy policy and cookie policy.

We’ve also implemented a GDPR compliance management program to ensure continued compliance with the GDPR mandate. Additionally, we will updating our website with a summary statement to all our clients attesting to our compliance with the GDPR mandates.