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Aug 22, 2013

Rancho La Puerta

Tracy Lonsdale

I just returned from Rancho La Puerta, the stunning wellness spa just across the Mexico and Californian border in Tecate. The ranch is situated on acres of land filled with lush green trees, flowers and grasses, all guarded by a gorgeous mountain range.

The ranch typically accommodates guests for one week, Saturday to Saturday and offers free shuttle service from the San Diego airport to and from on these days. It takes about one hour and thirty minutes to get to the ranch and the guides are very helpful when crossing the border. You can choose to stay for any duration of time, but airport transfers will cost about $120.00 when arriving/departing on any other besides Saturday.

For those who may be apprehensive about traveling to Mexico, rest assured that the ranch is extremely safe, it is the staple of the town and the employees have all happily worked there for many years.

Once your week begins at the ranch you will be able to attend morning hikes, various work out classes, mediation sessions, inspirational and educations talks, art classes, and spa treatments.  My personal favorites during my stay at the ranch were the Cardio Latin Dance Class, Hot Stone Massage and the morning mountain hikes where you can watch the sun rise.

The food at the ranch is all organic and grown locally. There is no red meat or poultry, but plenty of delicious fish, vegetables, dairy, and grains. The ranch is prepared to fit any dietary need.

Included in the rate is your meals, work out classes, hikes, access to health centers, pools and some art classes. Spa Treatments and some special classes, such as a cooking class, will be extra. You pay person as the ranch, and if you choose to share a room with multiple people your per person rate will be lower. Also by referring friends you get a $250.00 credit per person (no limit).

The rooms at the ranch are beautiful and very true to the culture of Mexico. Floored with beautiful terra cotta tiles and decorated with colored hand made blankets, featuring original Mexican art in every room making each one different and special.

I would definitely recommend the ranch for anyone looking to improve their well being in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere.  You can make your time there as mellow or as rigorous as you desire. You will have an excellent time by yourself or with a friend or loved one. The staff is extremely accommodating and will be more then happy to meet your every need. If you book through us, you will get a $50 spa credit. Take a look for yourself at the amazing Rancho La Puerta: www.rancholapuerta.com

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