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Apr 30, 2013
Lana'I, Hawaii

Lana'I Fam

Tracy Lonsdale

Just back from a fabulous weekend in Lana’i, Hawaii’s most enticing Island!

Since Larry Ellison has bought the island of Lana’i there have been some much needed upgrades and there are a lot more to come.

First night we stayed at the Lodge at Koele – had a lovely dinner with the GM Alice Bouman she is sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  The Chef, Chari Skinner made us the most wonderful meal (all locally sourced of course).  I recommend staying at the Lodge for your first night because it’s so serene and peaceful you instantly release all the stress from your body when you wake up the next morning and are in the most heavenly place you have ever seen!  The yoga teacher Serenity was fabulous too!  The horses and the trail rides are not to be missed.  I also recommend taking one of the mountain bikes and riding into town there are some cute shops (Local Gentry was my favorite!) and the best Poke place EVER!

I got up at 6am on Saturday morning and drove to the other side of the island to Lopa Beach with Chris “Howley Boy” surf dude and road some really nice 3-5 foot waves.  Met the local surf legend Big Wave Dave – I have to say this was the high light of the trip!

The next night we stayed at Manele Bay – rushed right to the pool bar and ordered sushi from the Nobu menu, then straight down to the beach for the rest of the afternoon for swimming and snorkeling.  Cocktails (Pineapple Martini OMG) and canapés at Nobu followed by a quick site inspection of the new prototype for the room renovations which will be done hopefully by Christmas!

Dinner at 140 Degrees restaurant with the GM Tom Roelens where he made us have the signature (140 Degrees) – crazy infused Orange, Mint and Grand Marnier concoction – was pretty good.

If you play golf, The Challenge @ Manele is the most beautiful golf course I have ever seen.

Lana’i is one stop shopping for all your holiday needs.

P.S. Four Seasons is offering 3rd night free at the lodge and 4th night free at Manele for the next few months. They are also happy to offer the following special deal:

Guaranteed One Category Upgrade At Time of Booking on your clients’ reservations to Lana’i
for this year (valid until Dec 18, 2013)

So, book today!

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