About Us

We are a tight knit, small group of adventure obsessed, food loving hotel hunters and experience gatherers. We love cities. We love countryside. We love beaches. We love mountains. We love tiny places you’ve never heard of and famous, world-renowned standbys. And, we happen to be travel agents. Our group is led by the seasoned (and saucy) Tracy Lonsdale, a travel vet who learned the craft early under the tutelage of her mother, Gretta Walsh an English rose who’s clients were The Jackson’s, Elton John, Madonna, Lionel Ritchie and other Hollywood Walk of Famer’s. Not to drop names or anything, but we’ve carried the torch with our own list of bold facer’s like Katy Perry, KD Lang, Patti Smith and Jackson Browne and have been on Travel and Leisure’s A List Spa Specialist list . We specialize in luxury experiential travel. We know a few things about personal requests, and about making a trip that suits your proclivity for aged cheese, or, need to do nothing at all for days at a time. across an entire continent. Need to buy a script at the last minute in Oslo? No problem. Got a meeting with a South American financier? We’ll get you there pronto and hook you up with insider spots for café con leche.

But enough about us; It’s actually all about you.

Some of our favorite destinations...

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