Our Philosophy

We believe in good sheets, good manners and good wine. But we also love a hole in the wall, roughing it on a game drive in the Masai Mara, or riding ponies across a moving Wyoming river and getting our behinds wet. There’s a place for all of it.

It’s our belief that a great restaurant may or may not have three stars behind its name, but that shouldn’t determine its worth.  Those that we’ve discovered, from one deep in the Andean mountains to the side streets of Knotting Hill, through the winding vineyards of Napa and in a dozen unknown spots south of the border, have been judged by the caliber of food, standards of service and the quality of the owner. We know lots of them by name, and even where they buy their chickens.

Let’s just say, we get out from behind our desks plenty, and will only recommend something we know and trust.

We are not travel snobs but we also admit that anything mediocre doesn’t interest us. We relish a trip to a local charcuterie as much as a decadent vacation in the Seychelles.

A picnic at 9,000 feet with snow clamps can be just as elegant as high tea at Claridges. You say tomato and we say, which variety? We love what we do and want you to love every step you take outside your home base. We take care of people. This is really what we do best.

Some of our favorite destinations...

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